Annie is Ageless & Conformationally correct all the way around.

Annie is a Gorgeous doe, with an udder that has not budged.
Needs 1 GCH with NDGA & ADGA to be a permanent champion in those registries.
She also has 1 GCH leg with AGS.

Annie has been awarded Best Udder 5 x under 5 different judges.


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PGCH Humble Woods Annie Oaklie              DOB: 07/21/04

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5 x Best Udder & 5 x Grand Champion (4 x RGCH)
8 Different Judges

Annie is Awesome All the way around, and one of my Favorites ~ She doesn't seem to age.
Annie is very deep bodied with Excellent width all the way through.  She has very nice spring to rib. 
Powerfully built, with a spectacular udder.  Well extended brisket.  Very Level top line.
Excellent rump, perfect leg set & shoulders that lay nice & tight against her withers.
Annie's udder is just icing on the cake, as it is so very well balanced & correct.
Her udder is Socked on all the way around, with a large area of attachment.  Nice & smooth into the fore.
Nice medial, that is just as strong as it needs to be for her very well attached udder.  Absolutely "Perfect" teat placement. 
Very high producer that is easy to milk, with teats that are about average in size, with average orifice size.

AGS Show Wins

ADGA Show Wins

NDGA Show Wins

GCH Senior
RGCH Senior
GCH Junior
GCH SR ~ 5/16/09 (Todd Harp)
RGCH SR ~ Janesville 5/29/10
2 x GCH Senior 4/27/08
RGCH Sr Doe ~ 4/24/10 (Deena Sansone)
RGCH Sr Doe ~ 8/28/10 (Deena Sansone)
Best Udder ~ 1 x
Freshening (GCH leg & B.U.)
Best Udder ~ 1 x
1st Freshening (2nd in class/B.U.)
3 x Best Udder
2nd Freshening 4/27/08 ~ David Wildman
3rd Freshening 4/25/09 ~ Dotty Clark
3rd Freshening 4/25/09 ~ Lisa Synesael

6 year old, 4 year old & Yearling  Annie    

Humble Woods Annie Oaklie

AGS #  D-24838

ADGA # D1323008     NDGA# 6290F

Sire: Humble Woods Hercules Paradox Appolo Goodwood Tumbleweed
Humble Woods Blaze
Majyk Hills La Victoria
MK Sarah HBF Palladin
HBF Whoop Dee Doo
Dark Star Kickapoo Joy Dark Star Hawkeye Piddlin Acres Prophecy
Dark Star Calypso
Kinderhaven Midnight Star Goodwood Moses Austin
Circle F Ella Rooney
Dam: Gay-Mor's Lucky Mangrove *S ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +S MCH HBF Lucky Strike +S 'E'
Humble Woods Jasiman
MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie *D 'E'
Gay-Mor's JJU Krysanthemum 2*D Gay-Mor's Johnny Jump Up  + *S
ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D
Humble Woods Daffadil 4*D Piddlin Acres Ivanho MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Piddlin Acres Diamond Deb
Buttin' Heads Qwhizo Dip *D Heartwood Whiz Kid
Buttin' Heads Guacamole 2*D
Olson Acres ~ Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats  (262) 705-1417